Your GJO journey to selecting the perfect pair of spectacles

When embarking on purchasing new spectacles, there are plenty of factors to consider. Frame style and colour, frame suitability for your face shape and facial features, frame materials and type of hinges, the size and shape of the frames and whether they will be able to carry your type of spectacle lenses and prescription well, costs of the complete job, time to manufacture the spectacles, warranty and refund policies, frame adjustments -initially and for the life of the products… Phew, and the list goes on. Speak to anyone who wears spectacles, and likely you will hear of how much of a challenge they may have previously had  elsewhere to obtain a pair of quality spectacles, at a reasonable price, that you can see clearly and comfortably with.

GJO Journey to the perfect pair of spectacles

At GJO, we take your visual needs seriously, and help you through this process to obtain your completed spectacles, incorporating the skill set and expertise of different staff members along the journey.

Starting with the optometrist

Your optometrist will spend time enquiring about your visual needs on a day to day basis, asking questions about your lifestyle, occupation, various hobbies that may need particularly sharp vision such as shooting, or embroidery, in addition to completing a comprehensive eye examination of both vision, and eye health. This includes the assessment of your optical prescription, and a recommendation for the exact type of spectacles lens(es) that would best serve your purpose.

Being an independent optical practice, as opposed to a corporate chain, GJO optometrists can draw on hundreds if not thousands of combinations of different lens designs and materials to select the best choice for the patient. Some optical practices only offer a limited range of lenses and frames to choose from, meaning that the lens design and material choice that you are limited to may very will limit your visual performance too.

At GJO, there is certainly no cooker cutter approach taken, where you will only be selecting from a McDonald style menu. At GJO, we think it pays to spend some time understanding your options and deciding on the right lenses for your needs, given that this will ultimately determine what you see through your spectacles.

Finishing with the optical dispenser

At the completion of your eye examination, the optometrist will then introduce you to your optical dispenser, and communicate across the information of which lens type will best match your specific visual needs. Optical dispensers are a far cry from being a salesperson. Optical dispensers interpret optical prescriptions and fit and service optical appliances such as spectacle frames and lenses. At GJO, our optical dispensers are highly skilled, with a wide experience base and knowledge about both lens choices, and frame materials and styles. Lenses range from single vision, bifocal, extended focus and progressive spectacles. Under each category, there are further lens designs that require expertise and knowledge to fit them accurately. Added to this, your prescription may include prisms, safety lens options or special coatings, which are only available in those optical practices that offer full scope dispensing, such as GJO.

Next time you are in the market for a new pair of spectacles, head along to GJO to start your journey to finding your perfect pair of spectacles. For a thorough eye exam and discussion of options for your eyes, call us on (07) 3210 1822 to arrange an appointment or book online at


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Felicity Sklavos is a clinical optometrist, specialty contact lens fitter and ophthalmic medicines prescriber who enjoys the great outdoors, in the camper or on the water, in her spare time.