Preparing for your eye exam

This is some important information on what to bring to your appointment, children's eye exams, where to park and what to expect - we look forward to welcoming you soon! For more detailed information see the Practice Guide Download on our home page.

Don't forget your contact lenses!

If you’re a regular contact lens wearer or just getting started, remember to wear your contact lenses for your next appointment. A contact lens examination is an aftercare appointment to see how well your eyes are adapting to contact lens wear. You’ll need to wear your contact lenses as usual so that your optometrist can check the fit, prescription and comfort. If you are new to contacts and are trialling a pair or multiple, wear your favourite pair to the aftercare appointment.

Regardless of how often or how long you wear your contact lenses, your eyes should be examined at least once a year to make sure your eyes are continuing to tolerate contact lens wear and show no signs of damage on the eye. If you are usually a contact lens wearer, wear your contact lenses to your annual eye exam and bring along your back-up glasses as well, so our optometrists can check how well they are working as well.

If you wear overnight OrthoK lenses, bring them with you for your appointments so the optometrist can check for scratches or warpage of the lenses, to make sure they are still safe and doing their job correctly.

Remember, we can't check you for contact lenses unless you're wearing them for your appointment! (Exception only for OrthoK!)

Don't forget your glasses (all of them)!

While we will always know your prescription if we've dispensed your glasses, you may have some older pairs you're using, or need some adjustment of the frames. This is particularly important in children, where growing faces and changing needs can see a pair of glasses not doing their job properly, even if their prescription is stable. We can also assess the integrity of the frames and lenses and give everything a tune up. Bring them all in - home glasses, school glasses, office glasses and prescription sunnies.

Children's eye exams

Life can get busy and be unpredictable. We understand this, but have noted an increasing trend for children under age 16 attending eye examinations by themselves, with parents requesting phone calls or arriving after the allocated exam time has concluded for explanation of outcomes and clinical management. We are dedicated to giving 110% to you and your child in our comprehensive exams, and wish to give this same dedication to everyone we see, so we ask for your consideration in planning your visit to make the most of our time with you.

Children attending eye examinations alone raises concerns about medical consent and safety. According to Youth Law Australia (source, children aged over 16 are considered 'most likely able to consent'; children aged 14 to 16 are 'reasonably likely to be able to consent' and children under 14 'may not have capacity to consent, except for treatment that does not carry significant risk.' Children aged 14 or over have the ability to establish a private Medicare claim history (myGOV account) indicating they are considered able to make their own medical decisions, but this capacity will of course vary in each individual situation.

Please note that we require parents to attend with all children aged under 14, and to be present for the full appointment. We would prefer parents to be present for children aged 14 and over. For any child under 16 wearing contact lenses, including OrthoK, we require a parent or guardian to attend the appointment. Of course we are understanding of unusual or difficult circumstances, so please advise us beforehand if a parent or guardian will not be able to attend with a child under 14, or a contact lens wearing child under 16, so we can make suitable arrangements. We are also able to provide Medical Certificates for appointment attendance, if required by your child's school - just ask us.

Parking in the city

Due to increasing costs, we no longer provide in-practice purchased parking vouchers for the Myer Centre - it's so much cheaper to book your parking online! Pre-booked online rates are now only $15 for 2 hours, $20 for 3 hours and $25 for all day parking – at least 25% cheaper than the vouchers we used to pre-purchase on your behalf from the Myer Centre. You need to book online at least an hour in advance to take advantage of discounted Myer Centre parking rates.

Handy tip 1: You have a half an hour window each side of the booking to arrive or leave the car park. So if you book to come in at 1pm, you can enter from 12.30pm.

Handy tip 2: Parking is only $12 after 2pm - if you've got an afternoon appointment with us, take advantage of this!

Come early and enjoy GJO!

We can't wait to welcome you to our lovely oasis, up above the hustle and bustle of the city; with beanbags, picture books and toys for the kids and Nespresso coffee, tea and a magazine selection ranging from cerebral to casual for adults. You can also use this time to select a new frame if you think you'll be needing new glasses or sunglasses. We also routinely undertake comprehensive diagnostic testing before your appointment with the optometrist as part of your clinical care, and like to have the time to explain this to you. We look forward to seeing you soon!