Are all spectacle lenses created equal?

Are all spectacle lenses created equal?  Are cheaper lenses really the “better deal”?  Is it possible that Lens A and Lens B differ in their features, quality, and benefits to the wearer in the same way that different priced cars do to their prospective buyers?

When it comes to buying spectacle lenses, the age old saying of “comparing apples with apples” especially rings true. Lens A in one optical practice may not be even remotely comparable to Lens B in another, even if there were both advertised to be the same type of lenses eg. both multifocal lenses. Spectacle lenses are manufactured using a range of different lens materials that vary greatly in various technical specifications such as refractive index, Abbe number, specific gravity and the list goes on. The long and short of it though is that these are the important elements that determine if lenses are super thin and light or thick and heavy, alongside whether they are optically superior to another lens material or not, and how cosmetically good they look.

When looking at costs of lenses, always make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.  Here at GJO, we pride ourselves on taking the extra time to not only explain but also show you using actual examples of demo lenses, why we recommend the lenses we do, and why they will be benefit you.

One pair or multiple pairs?

Chances are that you haven’t gone hiking in a pair of high heels before right? Just like how we need special shoes for certain activities like hiking or rock climbing, for some of us, depending on our age and lifestyles, we may require more than one pair of spectacles. Certainly, living in sunny Queensland, a lot of us would be familiar with using both clear spectacles and sunglasses, or wearing contact lenses with plano sunglasses (sunglasses with no prescription) over the top. Depending on our age, lifestyle, work requirements, and hobbies, one pair of clear spectacles for lots of varied tasks may no longer be meeting our visual needs.

So next time you are finding that your readers are great for reading, but not giving crisp vision at a longer working distance like at your desktop computer, or you are needing one pair of spectacles to drive the car and one to read/ use the computer and are frequently forgetting or misplacing one or both pairs, don’t despair … Here at GJO, we make certain to ask a few extra questions to become familiar with your expectations for your levels of vision required, so that we may better prescribe the right “tool” or spectacle lens design for the job(s) required.

GJO offers patients a range of different designs of ZEISS spectacles lenses. ZEISS is a world leader in the production of precision optics, by incorporating innovative ideas and technical expertise to produce exceptional visual experiences for patients. Click here to see a range of Zeiss spectacle lenses and various coatings that we offer at GJO.