‘Test Experts’ for our Ashes team

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‘Test Experts’ for our Ashes team

Optometry’s professional governing body (AHPRA) prevents us from claiming to be more expert than another optometrist, however it seems from Specsavers’ recent television advertising that it is OK to infer expertise by using a play on words, such is the case with the current Ashes Test cricket series where their undoubtedly clever ads describe Specsavers as the ‘Test Experts’.

In response to a recently published blog, though, we can’t fail to realise the potential for them to have used their ‘Test expertise’ against the home side, as Specsavers is after a fully owned English company!

The blog in question describes how Aussie batsman Shaun Marsh was fitted with soft contact lenses as part of Specsavers sponsorship deal, with Shaun describing how this had improved his vision. This seemed to work well in Adelaide, where Shaun hit over a century. But when it came to his recent performance in Perth, he only scored 28, while brother Mitchell scored 181, which by our calculations is a whopping 646% difference. Surely genetic similarity should ensure a closer result, so maybe it was the wind at Perth that led to his contact lenses drying out and blurring his vision?

Now we don’t have access to Shaun’s optical records, but the description in the blog would suggest he suffers a mild degree of short sightedness, and while contact lenses are a great solution, we wonder instead whether he would do better with orthokeratology (OK) lenses, which are worn overnight so that vision is corrected during all waking hours. The huge advantage of OK is that no lenses are needed during the day for clear vision, so there’s no potential for irritation or lens displacement while at the crease.

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated practice, and although across the other side of the country in beautiful Brisbane (unlike the official eyecare sponsor – who are they ‘Root’-ing for?), it is in our fellow countrymen’s interest to provide the best solution to our team. So Shaun – we call out, on behalf of all Aussies, and to help you keep up with your brother, come in and see us or any other independent, Aussie-owned optometrist ‘Test Experts’ while England are in town to check out your suitability for OK contact lenses!

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Paul Gifford
Gerry & Johnson Optometrist and Contact Lens Designer trying to solve world vision problems, in between running marathons and keeping Kate well fed, and kids teched up!


  1. Greg O'Donnell December 20, 2017 at 10:27 pm - Reply

    So you denigrate Specsavers optometrists for claiming professional superiority then turn around and claim your own professional superiority? How do you justify that? Then there is the issue of your complaint about Specsavers being an English company. What is wrong with that?

    • Paul Gifford
      Paul Gifford December 21, 2017 at 6:48 am - Reply

      Hi Greg, I can’t see where I have denigrated Specsavers optometrists, so I’m sorry you have perceived it that way. The only dig throughout the whole blog is on advertising as an ‘expert’, which from experience we wouldn’t be able to get away with as an independent practice. From my tongue in cheek writing style there are I’m sure many errors, not least the 646% claimed difference in score between the brothers at Perth as being mainly due to contact lens wear. The blog was also to highlight orthok lenses, but even here I am of course not in any way aware of the clinical details that could lead to such a decision. To your final point, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being English, as is the case for me and my optometry qualification.

      Like the many comments between opposing supporters at the Ashes tests, all is said in good natured jest so we can meet up as friends again at the end of play, as after all in the real game we are all optometrists with a shared duty to provide everyone the best eye sight and health care. But for now the Ashes competition is still on, so thank you for giving me further opportunity to highlight the disparity in advertising power between a large multiple group and us independent practices.

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