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Cutting Edge Technology

We are committed to providing you with the most thorough and comprehensive eye examination, and continually investing in technology at a level with many eye surgeons. Our optometrists can assess your eyes to an unparalleled level of detail using our specialised instrumentation.


Digital Retinal Imaging or Scanning

Digital Retinal Scanning has recently hit the news – at Gerry & Johnson Optometrists we have had this technology for over nine years and the experience in interpretation and management. Digital Retinal Imaging is an essential tool in monitoring eye health in people of all ages as it provides the most accurate record of the retinal surface, arteries and veins, optic nerve and macula for future comparison.

Anterior eye imaging

Anterior Eye Imaging

The highest level of detail of your cornea, iris, eyelids and sclera can be digitally recorded and archived for monitoring of conditions like pterygium, freckles or pigmentation, dry eyes and ocular surface disorders.



Corneal Pachymetry

Pachymetry involves determining the thickness of the cornea (the clear dome over the coloured iris of your eye) and allows the measure of eye pressure to be adjusted accordingly for utmost accuracy. This is an essential tool in managing glaucoma.



Corneal Topography – mapping the front of the eye

Corneal topography allows us to assess the shape of the cornea and it is vital for a full understanding of the focussing properties of the eye. It has now become an essential assessment technique for fitting contact lenses, KeratoconusOrtho-K (orthokeratology) and pterygium management.



Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) – an ultrasound of your eyes

OCT is the cutting edge of diagnosis and management for glaucoma, macular degeneration and speciality contact lens fitting, and has become the accepted gold standard across the world. Gerry & Johnson Optometrists is one of a handful of optometry practices in Queensland who have this technology.

An OCT scan takes 50 000 laser ultrasound images through the layers of your eye, without touching your eye, to construct the appearance of the optic nerve, macula and retina in 3D and compare them to an age-matched normal database. The level of detail is far beyond what can be seen in a normal eye examination – it is like an X-ray or MRI of your eye. It is painless and entirely safe, and essential for assessing risk for glaucoma and macular degeneration in people over 40. No other instrument can give us this level of detail about your eyes!

Visual fields

Visual Field Testing

Some eye conditions can affect peripheral vision long before central vision is reduced. Computerised perimetry allows for accurate measurement of the sensitivity of your field of vision, or side vision.



Eye Pressure Measurement

We use a latest technology instrument (I-care tonometer) which doesn’t involve any eye drops and also avoids use of the ‘puff of air’ test – and is suitable for children as well.



 Medicare Rebates

Most usual consultations at Gerry & Johnson Optometrists attract Medicare Rebates, and we can claim your rebate for you instantly using the Medicare EasyClaim system. Many new technologies used at Gerry & Johnson Optometrists are yet to covered by Medicare Rebates. Your Optometrists will advise what tests and technologies are best for your vision and eye health management and discuss any costs with you during your consultation.