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At Gerry & Johnson Optometrists, we believe in choosing the best lenses for your frames, prescription and lifestyle. With hundreds of lens designs, coatings and materials, we will discuss your options and recommend the best lenses for you! We are not restricted to offering you lenses from only one manufacturer or laboratory – we can source lenses from all over Australia and indeed the world!

We supply a wide range of high quality spectacle lenses in Single Vision, Bifocal, Progressive and Office / Classroom specialty vocational designs, all of which are available in a variety of materials. Impressive new progressive designs with freeform technology deliver clearer and more natural vision with less head movement required to attain best vision. Revolutionary hi-index materials provide clearer, thinner, lighter and stronger lenses with superior optical qualities.

Here is a sample of our lens options:

  • thin, lightweight plastic materials
  • multifocal lenses suitable for smaller frames
  • freeform design technology in multifocals – giving superior visual comfort and instant adaptability
  • Transitions® material – change tint with changing sunlight levels
  • purpose designed computer and reading lenses, and specific classroom design glasses for children
  • latest technology anti-reflective coatings that are easier to keep clean, improve clarity and reduce annoying reflections from lens surfaces.
  • polarised prescription sunglass lenses…and many more!