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Contact lenses

At The Forefront Of Contact Lenses In Australia

We use the latest designs and material to benefit the health of your eyes, and maximize your comfort and vision. We will always offer the best possible contact lens option for you. We also participate in clinical trials of new technology lenses before market release, so you can be one of the first people in Australia to wear particular lens, before anybody else!

Our Optometrists are award winning teachers of contact lenses to the next generation of Optometrists at the QUT School of Optometry.

We offer a full range of disposable contacts and custom lens designs in order to successfully fit almost all people. So whether you need correction for astigmatism, reading glasses, bifocals, distance sight or more complicated cases such as keratoconus or post surgical corneas, contact lenses are a viable choice for you.

We have a full range of leading disposable lens products from the major manufacturers and we regularly trial new products before market release. Our range includes daily disposables, two weekly disposables, monthly disposable and custom conventional lenses, to correct short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism.

If you are keen to learn about the latest science in contact lens designs, cleaning care solutions and how to achieve your best comfort, we are ready to help you find your best options for both vision and eye health.

Fitting and prescribing RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses is regarded as an area of specialty practice and at Gerry & Johnson Optometrists we our proud to offer these lens designs with combined decades of experience. We design customised lenses using corneal topography which allows for precise lens fitting and accurate management of your vision.

RGP lenses allow for superior vision and eye health outcomes and are used specifically for Keratoconus and Ortho-K (orthokeratology).

We also fit the latest hybrid contact lens designs – the best of both worlds, a hybrid contact lens features an RGP centre for sharpest visual clarity, with a soft contact lens surround for comfort. Hybrid lenses have revolutionised contact lens wear for people with mild to moderate keratoconus and high astigmatism. If you have ever had problems with stability of vision in your contact lenses, hybrid lenses may be for you.

 Imagine clear vision without contact lenses or glasses during the day! Ortho-K – also called Orthokeratology, Corneal Refractive Therapy or CRT – involves wearing custom designed RGP contact lenses while you sleep, which gently change the shape of the eye surface overnight using your tears. Many people think we’re talking crazy when we first describe Ortho-K to them – and your friends will too! If you have had dry eye problems with contact lenses, or like the idea of laser surgery but not the surgery part, then Ortho-K could be perfect for you.

When you remove the lenses in the morning you can see clearly all day long without the need for glasses or contact lenses! Sleep your way to clear vision with Ortho-K. At GJO we are at the forefront of Ortho-K practice – our optometrists lecture nationally and internationally on this area of clinical practice. We have proudly fit over 600 children and adults with Ortho-K, from ages 6 to 65. Ortho-K is a vitally important tool in myopia control for children and young adults – research has shown that it can slow down the progression (worsening) of myopia, or shortsightedness, by around 50% and sometimes 100%.

Keratoconus is an eye condition in which the normally round cornea (the clear dome over the coloured part of the eye) thins and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape. This cone shape deflects light as it enters the eye on its way to the light-sensitive retina, causing distorted vision. Keratoconus can occur in one or both eyes and often begins during a person’s teens or early 20s. It occurs in 1 in 500 to 1 in 2000 people.

Some people with keratoconus will only notice distorted vision in one or both eyes with their glasses, and can wear standard soft contact lenses. Moderate or severe keratoconus, however, requires the fitting of RGP specialty contact lenses, which is determined through corneal topography, which involves mapping and analysing the surface of the cornea. We are one of a handful of optometry practices in QLD who are experts in fitting contact lenses for keratoconus, and regularly receive referrals from ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) for this important service. Seeing the look on the face of a person with keratoconus when they first see clearly with their new contact lenses is one of the most rewarding things about specialty contact lens practice.

Even if you only need glasses for reading, you can still wear contact lenses! Multifocal contact lenses are designed for people over 40 who need reading glasses, or need a different prescription for close focus than for long distance, which is normally prescribed in glasses as progressive, multifocal or bifocal spectacle lenses. The multi-focus nature of these lenses allow you to see clearly at any distance, without the hassle of glasses.

Our optometrists are experts in multifocal contact lenses, having lectured nationally and internationally and published research papers on this topic. Half of our practice’s 2500+ contact lens wearers are over 40 and we know what to do to optimise your vision for your work, lifestyle and eye health needs.

Multifocal lenses are also being used increasingly in our practice for adults under 40 who require extra vision support for computer work, and for children with shortsightedness who require myopia control treatment.